• Properly titled MP3 (exclusive releases only)
  • Or Link to Soundcloud, Audiomack, YouTube or Vimeo
  • Graphic or Press Photo (must be 700px wide)
  • Social Networks to tag
  • A thorough description of the artist(s), producer, director, and any other details relevant to the write-up.
  • Mixtape & Videos Must Be Sent As Links


Please don’t submit links to us on Twitter, FB or IG. We will not check out your links that way, just submit it properly and it will be way more effective.


Don’t forget to properly have everything titled, and don’t send something with the title “Untitled.mp3” etc.. Remember, the presentation is key so please ensure that your e-mail is professional and include as much detail about you and your project, but keep it short, concise, and thorough.

Music submitted will be posted as an embedded music or video player on

Content doesn’t need to be exclusive, and there’s no guarantee that your submission will be posted. So don’t go harassing our writers if they received your email or when your stuff will be posted.

When/if your content is posted, please make sure you share it with your community. If we post your submissions and you don’t share it then we will stop posting until we can come to an agreement that you’ll share the links to your social accounts.

All media provide must be 100% owned by you. If we get a strike on our platforms or a DCMA notice because of your post, we will suspend posting your content until those claims are resolved.

We refuse to endorse fake views, plays or followers. If we find out that you’re tampering with the views, plays or followers we will be obligated to ban you from our website. Please just don’t be one of those guys.

Don’t ask us to post freestyles or diss records, chances are we won’t post either. Unless there’s just something absolutely undeniable about your submission then don’t expect a post. Remakes and diss records aren’t always undeniable and rarely are, honestly. My advice to is, BE ORIGINAL!

By submitting your content via email or Soundcloud, you agree that you own the commercial rights to the content submitted and you give LGNDVDRY non-exclusive rights to upload & distribute your content via, YouTube, and SoundCloud. This includes monetization via YouTube.

The power of technology is pretty crazy, so if you send an e-mail we got it. No need to send the same email over and over if you don’t get a response, we get a lot of submissions and can’t always get to them promptly.

To guarantee placement of your submission, please visit the Services Page Or text/call: (916)751-8225 for information on the current advertising rates & packages. (This will make sure you get a scheduled date for your release to be pushed on our channels)