“How Can I Get On The Site?”

Do you got a new song, project or video that you want to get posted on LGNDVRY? Use the contact form on this page to send us that over for consideration to be posted on the site.But don’t just email it, because due to the high volume of emails if it’s not professional looking we won’t take it serious enough to even check/listen to the e-mail.

Make sure to not spam us.

The power of technology is pretty crazy, so if you send an e-mail we got it. No need to send the same email over and over if you don’t get a response, we get a lot of submissions and can’t always get to them promptly.

Properly Title

Don’t forget to properly have everything titled, and don’t send something with the title “Untitled.mp3” etc.. Remember, presentation is key so please ensure that your e-mail is professional and include as much detail about you and your project, but keep it short, concise, and thorough.

Don’t send us links!

Please don’t submit links to us on Twitter, FB or IG. We will not check out your links that way, just submit it properly and it will be way more effective.

Make Sure To Provide

– Provide Link From; Soundcloud, Audiomack, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or Vimeo- Add Social Networks- Upload Artwork to Cloud & Send Link in Description (Dropbox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive)- Provide a good description of the record or video (producer, director, project the songs from, inspiration behind song or video, etc…)

For All General Inquiries Please See: Contact