LGNDVRY’s creative marketing and digital distribution services are beneficial to music artists (of all sorts), clothing brands, events and businesses. Along with advertising on our site, we offer a creative marketing campaign for our clients in order to get their product out into the media world and spotted by certain target markets. We layout a timeline and plan out an effective prospectus to bring awareness to the brand, which includes promo, sneak peeks, leaks, etc. Clients will also have the option to receive digital distribution from LGNDVRY  where we send out their product to other websites, magazine and other significant publications, keeping them updated on the upcoming release(s) of their product and giving them a “heads up” on what’s going on with our clients.

Along with those services, we offer physical marketing material for your company, music, event or whatever else you may need it for.


Album Covers
Flyers & Posters
Logos & Branding
Web Design & Development
Business Cards
Photography & Videos


Business/Marketing Campaigns
Electronic Press Kits
Video Marketing Material
Physical Press Kits
Product Placement


Music Promotional Services
Soundcloud Promotion
YouTube Promotion
Digital Distribution & Physical Distribution
Studio Time
Mixing & Mastering

Not only do we provide custom marketing material for artists, brands and businesses, but we’re also an outlet for brand building through by way of media resources.

Our philosophy is based off of putting in the “work” in order to reach your goal(s). Expecting things to fall into your lap isn’t the best way to go about your business; it requires progress, productivity and patience. Just because you have someone promoting your product doesn’t necessarily mean that people will be checking it out. One thing you must remember is that people are still seeing your brand’s name, regardless if they check it out or not.

Think of how TV ads work… You see a commercial for Geico insurance probably 3-5 times a day, but you probably don’t need any. However, the day that you start looking for insurance, who do you think of first? Geico, right? That’s because their brand is marketed the right way with creative tactics and methods that appeals to the general audience. They’re product sticks in the back of people’s minds so that when a consumer actually needs that product/service, the names they’ve already heard of gets a head start in front of the other brands.

So we might promote you as the dopest clothing line out of Boston, or one of the hottest artists out of Portland, but that doesn’t automatically get people to jump after your product. But if someone were to ask them, “Who has a nice clothing company in Massachusetts?”, they’ll most likely refer to what they’ve seen being marketed towards them, which is YOUR clothing line.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll “blow up” when you use one of our services, but we CAN guarantee that people will see your name! Paying for Youtube views and Twitter followers may look good to the general eye, but paying for marketing and branding will make your content/product look even better. Don’t go that route; utilize our services and you’ll understand the fully logistics behind building a brand!

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