LGNDVRY is a Sacramento based news and media company (pronounced “legendary”) that was founded Summer of 2013 by Marcos Armenta (aka DJ Cos The Kid). He aimed to put together something for Sacramento that would help build some type of awareness around the cities talent, by building a platform filled with collectives from all over the city. Working with artists, labels, promoters, clothing lines, charities, fundraisers & other community outreaches.

Cover all the latest news in the urban culture umbrella, from music, art, events, sports, tech, lifestyle, film & more. LGNDVRY also helps artists, labels, clothing lines, and other companies create, promote, position, and publicize their products and/or services in the urban marketplace.

LGNDVRY’s creative marketing and digital distribution services are beneficial to music artists (of all sorts),
clothing brands, events, and businesses. Along with advertising on our site, we offer creative marketing campaigns to our clients in order to get their product out into the media world and spotted by certain target
markets. We lay out a timeline and plan out an effective prospectus to bring awareness to the brand, which
includes promo, sneak peeks, leaks, etc. Clients will also have the option to receive digital distribution from
LGNDVRY where we send out their product to other websites, magazine, and other significant publications,
keeping them updated on the upcoming release(s) of their product and giving them a “heads up” on what’s
going on with our clients.

If interested in inquiring more about the services LGNDVRY provides you can check them all out here!