Before the end of 2017, LA-based producer benAM unveiled his anticipated 2-track EP Seraph. Comprised of the songs “Seraph” and “Daze”, benAM creates a wild diverse range of sounds only further emphasized by placing these two songs side-by-side.

From the dreamlike, serene atmosphere created by the striking pianos in “Seraph”, to the futuristic, hectic hustle of “Daze”, benAM puts himself forth as an artist capable of crafting wildly different, yet equally compelling soundscapes for listeners. The tracks almost seem made for each other, with each track providing a unique flavour, while emphasizing the highlights of the other.

If more work such as Seraph is on the way from benAM in 2018, then saying we’re excited would be putting it lightly.

Check out the EP for yourself down below, and realize why the hype behind benAM is real.