Hip-hop/RnB artist Zach Zoya is an artist on the rise. Originally an audio-only single, “Superficial” has now been blessed with moody evening visuals that perfectly accompany the vibe of the track.

From the music video alone, Zoya presents himself as a confident and capable musician, with the ability to craft his own unique and creative voice. The regretful, longing lyrics that Zoya expresses in a near-drunken, slurred fashion, are amplified through the lonesome visuals, with Zoya being the only person in sight for the duration of the video. Putting Zoya at center stage accentuates his pain, resulting in a truly moving experience for viewers.

Check out the music video above and make sure to follow Zach on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We hear he has a lot of new music prepared for 2018, so his social media is the perfect place to get any insight on upcoming releases!