Los Angeles DJ/Producer better known as Downlowd has been growing into a craze this Fall with a slew of hot new collections of remixes and official product like his October, ‘Old Lawd’ 3-pak. Continue to build himself into a newfound sensation, Download unveils his brand new single, “Unplugged”.

“Unplugged” is a great sequel in a story began with his last month release, “Well Connected”. The new track delivers a unique sound blend of strabismic and potent rhythm. Transporting EDM to a whole new futuristic genre.

Brief on Downlowd. He is a next level electronic artist in warp mode–a character driven musician determined to not only deliver astounding content and performances, but also tell an incredible story that aims to invest audiences and transcend the musical experience with a brand marriage of music, animation, and technology.

Downlowd on “Unplugged”:

“Beyond the story, where ‘Well Connected’ was a metaphor for fitting in, this track is about standing out, individualism, and the conflicts/internal battles we face as dreamers every day. In the story, Downlowd tangles with a brutish intangible force that’s trying to change who he is on a fundamental level for the worst. The music is a vision of the experience that Downlowd must overcome. There isn’t an hour that passes where we aren’t generally inundated by advertising, surrounded by technology and people whispering in our ear, telling us what to do or who to be. In the end, I guess the message is that we all have to fight to survive… Sometimes that encapsulates battling what suppresses you, chasing your destiny, and being who you’re truly meant to be.”

“Unplugged” is a great dance track to add to your new playlist and great long lasting listen heading into the new year. Downlowd isn’t just a way to save information, get familiar with the new sensation today.

Stream the new single below, courtesy of SoundCloud.