Wasiu Makes A Musical Declaration With Angry Black Man [Single]

“What you mad about?” are the underlying question that reign throughout this single. Upon first listen you even ask yourself, What Are You Mad About?

The lyrically gifted Montreal conceptual thinker and rapper shares a mind bending message on his latest single produced by Fools Gold Signee High Klassified. This clear declaration of repressed aggression and artistic expression meshed together to make a moving message. As I listened, it was as though I was in the mind of the majority. When Wasiu asked the question, I seen these neon questions pop up and I could not answer. The frustrating truths of our society that have held a discriminating force for years was taking the neon questions and blurring every word red.

From current NFL protests, to the ignoring of the Flint, Michigan water crisis and the many stereotypes, this single masterfully covers the past and very present everyday lives of our fellow human whom are due theirs absolute freedoms.

Check out the track, share, post and spread the message of hope and absolute freedom.