SWIRL Debuts Smooth Rendition of “Mask Off”

Fresh off their debut performance at this years’ HOFday, SWIRL (AKA ?) releases this ever so smooth remix of Future’s hit single “Mask Off“.

This duo consists of Robbie & Blue, two DJ’s who have been making a name for themselves throwing the biggest parties in Sacramento, felt it was time to take things to the next level with this new project known non other than SWIRL.

Most of the remixes of “Mask Off” have been more uptempo, but that wasn’t the approach that SWIRL took. Instead they decided to take a more mellow vibe. Immediately after hitting play you’re greeted with the sounds of wind chimes that are paired perfectly with a catchy flute melody.

When asked the inspiration behind this new endeavor, we were given this answer “The name SWIRL came from of us being white and black and wanting to appeal to both hip hop and EDM demographics “. Seems like this is just a taste of what’s to come from SWIRL.

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