After the success Marc E Bassy had with his fellow Bay Area comrade G-Eazy on “Me & You,” the two have decided to link back up for Marc’s newest single “So Simple.”

Marc  has been relatively quiet for the most part of 2017. With exception to his latest song “Plot Twist” with Kyle back in July, the West Coast emcee has been MIA from the music scene, but that could be partially due to the fact that he’s been working on his debut album Gossip Column which drops October 13th.

“There are no words to describe how i feel, just know (even though im bad at showing it sometime) if you’re a fan of mine my commitment to you has always been, and will always be, to tell you my stories as they happen–and deliver them in the most meaningful way I can. This project is the beginning of the next chapter in the bassy story-and it only exists because of you. Eternally grateful–Eternally dedicated,” Marc said about his upcoming debut album.

Available now for pre-order on iTunes, those of you who take advantage of the early purchase will receive this new song for free as an instant download called “So Simple” featuring fellow Bay Area native G-Eazy, who also appeared on his single “You & Me” last year.

Aiming this one at the airwaves, Bassy sings about a girl who’s superficial and cares more about the money and status in a relationship than the love and feelings, while Young Gerald raps about his ex-grilfriend & not wanting to take her back in the process. It’s a radio-friendly club record about relationship issues to say the least.

Take a listen and let us know what you think. Look for Gossip Column to drop next Friday.