Offset And Daughter Go Back-To-School Shopping With HypeBeast

Without a doubt, the biggest day in fashion is the first day of school – at least for anyone under the age of 18. After months of planning the perfect fit, at the expense of your mother, your first-day attire sets the tone for the remainder of the year, especially for those chasing the coveted “Best Dressed Award.” Yet, even if fashion isn’t your first choice of self-expression, it’s certainly not one to glance over during your formative years. “You can’t come into the cafeteria with fake J’s on […] they’d jump on the table and point at your shoes,” says former Best Dress Award-winner Kiari Kendrell Cephus, a.k.a. Offset, one-third of hip-hop power-group Migos.

“Clothes’ always been my main thing, I use to go to school just to be fresh,” Offset tells us as he takes us shopping with his young daughter at Trico Field in New York City. Here, the budding rap superstar talks more about his fashion upbringing, how his style has evolved over the years, and what brands catch his eye the most these days. Offset concludes our conversation with a little bit of advice for those high schoolers chasing their own “Best Dressed Award.” “Keep it original, do what you like, do what you feel. Don’t let no one tell you-you’re something wrong.”