For a man as colorful and talented as he is, Action Bronson’s studio is surprisingly empty. As I walk into his Greenpoint, Brooklyn, studio in what looks like a repurposed apartment, I’m struck by the blankness of the creative workspace of the rapper, chef and television personality.

The walls are painted white. There’s no art. In the living room sits a gray couch, a flat-screen TV mounted on one of the plain walls. Shoeboxes line the room, yet there’s a closet stuffed with more kicks.

Bronson is in the kitchen talking on his iPhone while munching on Ritz crackers, a bong standing next to a small container of dabs. Several more bongs sit behind him on the sink. Bronson says he collects them, each one a piece of artwork.

It’s how he views sneakers as well. He’s accumulated about 500 pairs over the years. There’s a pyramid of 150 New Balance boxes in the studio, mostly size nine and 10, that Bronson plans to send to Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

While today the Flushing, Queens, native puts on his humanitarian hat, Bronson can pivot at any time. He released his third studio album, Blue Chips 7000, in late August on Atlantic and Vice Records. He hosts two shows on Viceland, Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens and F*ck, That’s Delicious, which shares a name with his new cookbook, released in mid-September. He’s also a diehard fan of New York sports, namely the Yankees, Jets and Knicks.

As he ate and smoked, Bronson chatted with Bleacher Report about the things he cares about most. In signature Bronson fashion, he dropped lots of F-bombs and had lots of strong opinions.

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