Say What? Who Crying Wolf? Check out wififunerl’s newest single

We have covered this hyper-talented 20-year-old emcee with an enticing flow and compelling lyricism for quite some time, wifisfuneral you have truly added to the industry with realism, passion and a new lane for upcoming emcee to follow.
With Cultural Love – Jyo w. Lgndvry

Taking matters into his own hands, wifisfuneral gives his fans Boy Who Cried Wolf, his latest mixtape. Filled to the brim with texture and major neck breaking beats.

Featuring previously released singles such as the Joe Budden-cosigned JoeBuddenProbablyThinksICantRap along with the posse cut Centerfold which have earned more than 2 million combined plays on SoundCloud, Boy Who Cried Wolf is well on it’s way to find the hands of a magzine wifi’s evolution as an artist. Featuring production from Pi’erre Bourne and Cris Dinero, and featured appearances from internet sensations such as Danny Towers, Chxpo, YG Ivy, and others, Boy Who Cried Wolf is currently available on SoundCloud.

Check it and tell us how you broke yo neck.