The 2017 Anaheim Monster Energy Dub Show hosted by REAL 92.3 FM Los Angeles at Angels Stadium. You know there was HUNDREDS of dope custom cars, truck, motorcycles, low riders and more! Not only were you able to enjoy the exotic cars but a live concert. Featuring a variety of live performances by such KiD3RD from Big Boy’s Music, Gucci Mane, The Game, Fetty Wap, O.T. Genasis, King Lil G, AD & so much more!!

I got to the opportunity to ask Mike Mendes a few questions who attended & photographed the event. I asked him “What had been your favorite performance that you got to witness?”

“My favorite performance was OT Genesis‘ performance. His songs had everybody turnt up and he even stopped in the middle of his set to help out a dehydrated girl. He made sure she was good and then he continued performing. That’s was his performance was my favorite.”

That shows a lot when an artist stops during their performance to help out his own fans.
“What’s got to be the most unforgettable moment?”

“The most unforgettable moment for me has got to be when I was able to talk and hang out with the members of Real 92.3. I got the chance to hang out with Big Boy, DJ Lezlee, Abby De La Rosa, J9, DJ A-OH, DJ Damage, DJ Hed, and Tye Hollywood. Said excitingly the 18 year old LA based photographer.

The last question I asked him was “Out of all the exotic dope cars what had been your favorite?”

“My favorite exotic car had to be the golden 2017 Corvette ZR1.

As you can tell it was a lot of fun to go to the 2017 Monster Energy Dub Show at Angels Stadium. Check out all the dope pics down below or on Instagram @mikemendezv