Just two years after completing its 430,000 square-foot headquarters in Menlo Park, California, Facebook has revealed new plans to construct a new village-like campus for its employees. On top of another 1.75 million square feet of new office space, the social media platform will provide 1,500 apartments, shopping, grocery stores and other amenities. With 2021 as the projected completion date for the offices and housing, the company’s blog states that the first steps in completing its “Willow Campus” are being completed now.

The first official step will be the filing of our plan with Menlo Park in July 2017. We will begin more formal conversations with local government officials and community organizations over the course of the review process, which we expect to last approximately two years. We envision construction will follow in phases, with the first to include the grocery, retail, housing, and office completed in early 2021, and subsequent phases will take two years each to complete.

The blog goes on to talk about not only making its campus feel more like a village than a workplace but also sees this as an opportunity to invest in the surrounding community.