After a short hiatus Audiotistic makes it’s prolific come back and this time Insomniac brought it up to the Bay Area. If you read our pre-Audiotistic coverage you would have learned the history of this festival and why it was so important to bring back the festival, while maintaining the roots that always made this festival so special. Infusing hip-hop and EDM together; Insomniac has found yet another way to bring people from different influences together for a unforgettable time.

Scott Hutchinson for Insomniac

I started my day off at Frequency 1.1, or the “main stage”. Chevvy Chase opens the day up with a super groovy-house set that got people dancing and shuffling. When he dropped “They Know” by Regilio the entire crowd lost it and start dancing and chanting in unison. After I took in the set that Chevvy Chase was throwing down; I made my way to the secondary stage known as Frequency 2.2. Young Nudy got this going at the main stage get in crowd involved in the performance. Nudy blessed us with all his hits such as “Yeah Yeah” and “Trapaholic”.

The time is now 3:55 PM, so this means that Habstrakt is getting ready to hit the mainstage. This is one performer that I was extremely excited to see, since I was not able to catch his set at EDC the month prior. This set was one that gave a little taste of everything from House to Harder Dubstep. The versatility in this set was one that I strongly appreciated. Habstrakt dropped a dope mash up/transition of the Boombox Cartel track “Jefe” and “Forbes” by G-Eazy. He even blessed us with some riddim via MONXX.

Kristina Bakrevski for Insomniac

During Habstrakt’s set I felt the need to go check out the set that was going on at the 2.2 stage. At this time is was Angelz who was laying it down on the 1’s and 2’s and he was providing some future house vibes that was infused with some 90’s hip-hop such as, Busta Rymes “Eyes Can See”. I noticed that people were still making their way into the festival grounds, so most people were taking in the sounds at the main stage, but this doesn’t take anything away from the set that Angelz threw down, cause he murder the opportunity that he had to showcase his skills.

Ghastly opens set with a live version of his and NGHTMRE’s track “End of The Night”

Scott Hutchinson for Insomniac

After Habstrakt was finished rocking the stage, he introduces the one and only; Ghastly. This was going to be the first time that I had the chance to see Ghastly. He opened up his set with a live version of his and NGHTMRE’s track “End of The Night”. It was at this moment that I knew the crowd was in for a special set. Ghastly went super hard and didn’t let up his whole set dropping bangers like “666” and “Planet Purge”. He kept the vibes going with a versatile set that kept the crowd energized, it was extremely hard not to head bang to his set. The visuals that were provided with his set were next level.

During this set I was able to talk to some of the “Ground Control” Crew. I asked them why they choose to come out and lend a helping hand for the day, and got this response , “I love helping people and making sure everyone is safe. We try to make sure everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated at theses events, and it’s a bonus that we get to catch some of our favorite artists while on site”  

Water stations were well maintained and manned

For those of you that aren’t aware of who the “Ground Control” are; they are volunteers that work with Insomniac to make sure that all the festival goers are safe and taken care of. The work that they do for the festival and the people at theses events go unnoticed. They help provide aid, good vibes, and they even give out free water at the free water stations provided. Its services like the “Ground Control” that make Insomniac events what then are.

Scott Hutchinson for Insomniac

By the middle of Ghastly’s set the main stage was starting to fill up. At 5:30 PM the somewhat hot day started to cool down. What would be a dubstep filled set; Ghastly’s slows things down towards the end of his set. He dropped his latest single “We Might Fall” as one of his last songs, and then proceeded to kill us all with a sick dubstep version. The ghost man himself closes his performance out with “Giant Squiddim

With THis b2b we were given a extremely complex and Entertaining set

If you were to look at the set times for the day you would have seen Slander on at 6:00pm and NGHTMRE at 7:00pm, so I’m expecting to have Slander come out with a super heavy opening drop, but instead we are all graced with the sounds of “GUD VIBRATIONS” a track that Slander & NGHTMRE created together. Instead of the two having separate sets they decide to perform their first ever festival show as “GUD VIBRATIONS” With is B2B we were given a extremely complex and ever so different set. We heard the sounds of Spag Hedy, Migos, What So Not, Kayzo, and GAMMER. Just from those few names that I mention; you can only imagine how energized the crowd was.

The Holy Mountain for Insomniac

After Slander & NGHTMRE finished their set everyone started making their way to the Frequency 2.2 stage to take in the sound of JOYRYDE. The “smaller” stage felt like it was the mainstage with the size of the crowd that made it over to this set. JOYRYDE is someone that I have recently started growing very fondly of, so I made it a point to not miss this performance. He dropped this awesome remix/mash up of “Deep Down Low” and “The End”. With his signature house style of music JOYRYDE came with just that style and have everyone breaking out into big dancing and shuffle circles. It was a definite vibe.

Kristina Bakrevski for Insomniac

During JOYRYDE I over heard the sounds of Lil Uzi Vert at the mainstage, so we decided to check out what he had to offer. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t blown away by the Lil Uzi perform. He had the crowd engage with just about every song that he performed. He actually dropped “Tour Life XO” twice and during the second go of the track he had the entire crowd join in on an acapella version that was topped with pyro and Co2. It was then that everyone waited with anticipation for the next headliner to hit the stage.

Floss showed us that the break up is not affecting hiM One Bit

The Holy Mountain for Insomniac

It’s now 9PM and I’m standing in the crowd waiting for Flosstradamus to hit the stage. Floss is someone that got me into EDM music and culture with his signature trap sound and style, so this was a set that I was looking forward to the entire day. Let me tell you Flosstradamus absolutely murdered his set with one of the hardest performance’s that I have witness live. With a very bass head styled set everyone was breaking out into mosh pit and going wild. 

With Audiotistic being in the bay, and the strong influence the bay area has on hip hop culture; it seemed like Floss made it a point to incorporate this into his set. We got to turn up with our thizz faces on strong when he dropped the “Thizzle Dance”.

Marshmello was the last up on the main stage. He brought his signature “mello” style with some harder tracks mixed in. It seemed like everyone at the festival was at the main stage for Marshmello’s closing set. He started his set with an “Alone” acapella that the entire helped sing along with. Mellow gang was in full effect for the is one, with one glance into the crowd you could see tons of Marshmello helmets and merch being worn. Overall its was a set that I expected from the masked DJ, and the entire crowd was focused on the music and dancing the night away.

The Holy Mountain for Insomniac

Overall Experience

  • The venue was beautiful in every regard. I mean what do you expect when insomniac comes to town. The stage productions were next level and showed off the hard work it takes to make these stages come to life.
  • Ground Control did an amazing job with providing their hospitality and care to the festival goers. People like these are what make these festival a safe environment for everyone attending.
  • The options for food were endless with options of tacos, gyros, and even Italian food. All localized food trucks that helps with local small business.
  • Water stations were well maintained and maned. I don’t think that there was a moment I waited in line to fill up my water bottle.

One thing that I do feel the festival was missing was the “P.L.U.R” factor that I have grown to love going to raves and edm events. Many times I witness spectators throwing full cans of beer straight into the crowd as a joke. No one wins with that; someone gets hit with a full tall can and the person that throws it loses out on a $13 beer. I didn’t understand why people would think that this was okay.

The Holy Mountain for Insomniac
Kristina Bakrevski for Insomniac

I feel that Insomniac did a fantastic job in what they were able to accomplish with the return of Audiotistic. The lineup was one of the most stacked lineups that I have seen in a long time for a single day event. Overall the LGNDVRY team and myself had a great time at Audiotistic and can’t wait to see what’s next for this amazing music festival.
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