Monster. CareerBuilder. GlassDoor. LinkedIn. When you’re looking for a new job, you’re required to dig through countless job boards, managing logins and apps. Or it did. Now you can just google it.

Starting today, when you search something like “jobs near me” or “restaurant jobs in Chicago,” you’ll be ushered to a new part of Google Search called Google for Jobs. Here, you can further specify the opportunity you’re looking for, and Google will list opportunities from some of the largest employer databases on the web (including every site mentioned at the top of this article).

The search tool should do a lot to streamline the job hunt. It can even give you a desktop alert or email notification as new jobs matching your criteria are posted.

But on a broader level, what’s so incredible about this feature is how swiftly and efficiently Google can disrupt an industry, just by adding some new capabilities to the Swiss army knife that is Search.

Google tells Co.Design that no money is exchanging hands to get partners using its new Cloud Jobs API–which is what powers this experience. The company has no plans for monetization of the platform at this time, aside from its standard ad practices.

Yet, revenue aside, Google for Jobs is right in line with how Google is evolving its crown jewel: the company continuously builds more robust experiences into Search itself. Consider Google’s travel booking tool, which quickly grew to over twice the size of Expedia, generating billions in revenue, almost overnight. This is how big and powerful Google Search still is. Anything people are looking for can be built out as a feature inside Search, making Google the first place you look for something, and the last.

Google for Jobs is rolling out now and should be available across the U.S. within the next 24 hours.