It’s been nearly a decade – June 29, 2007, to be precise – since Apple first released the very first iPhone…and with it came along a whole industry of accessories designed to protect and personalize the smartphone. Call us jaded, but in general we tend to steer toward understated leather cases for those purposes, like Apple’s in-house leather case or Mujjo’s similar leather option; these cases do an excellent job protecting the phone from drops and improve grip/prevent slip thanks to leather’s characteristic tactile texture. But every once in awhile something like these Nike iPhone Cases pops onto our radar and the itch to go kitsch arises.

Fashioned after the outsole pattern of two of the most iconic Nike sneakers – the Air Force 1 and Roshe – the quartet of colors between two styles offers sneaker lovers a way to make their affinity for the Swoosh clearly on display.

The Roshe edition offered in Green Glow is $35; a second Team Crimson (red) is already sold out. Air Force 1 cases in Black or Blue are both listed as “Coming Soon” for the same price over at Note: All four cases are sized for the iPhone 7 only, so those of us living large in the 7 Plus world (alongside Android users) will have to stay content with other options for now.