LeBron James Says He’s Not Chasing Michael Jordan for G.O.A.T. Title

When LeBron James steps foot inside TD Garden tonight against the Boston Celtics, he will be 28 points away from passing up Michael Jordan for No. 1 on the all-time postseason scoring list.

The media asked him what that would mean to him and he downplayed the accomplishment.

“It’s just a personal goal of mine. It has nothing to do with passing the rings, passing the points, passing MVPs. It’s just my personal goal to keep me motivated — that’s all. You guys are going to have the conversations about who is greatest of all time and things of that nature. It doesn’t matter to me. At the end of the day, it’s so funny that the conversation is always talked about in the NBA about who is the greatest but it’s never talked about in the NFL about who is the greatest quarterback.

We go out and just try to be as great as we can be every night. The comparison of always trying to compare people either living or still playing or not playing, I think it’s great for barbershops, but for me I’m just trying to put my mark on the game and leave a legacy behind so I can inspire the next group of kids that want to play the game the right way.

The fact is that no matter what, King James will always be compared to MJ and while he will probably pass him statistically, there is a split about whether or not he is actually better than Jordan. His NBA Finals record is probably an argument against him, as well as MVP trophies and all-time regular season points. Plus, there’s a man by the name of Kobe Bryant who is in the conversation as well.