Life couldn’t be any better for Draymond Green. Coming off a season that has him in the running for Defensive Player of the Year and a playoff sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers, the Golden State Warriors forward is a vital piece to arguably the best team in the NBA. When Green isn’t locking down your favorite player on the court, off the court he’s all about making a statement with the clothes he chooses to wear.

UNINTERRUPTED got an inside look at Green’s closet, where he explains why he wears what he wears.”We were down 3-1 to OKC and I said I’m going to war. It’s no longer just a game, it’s a war, so I wore all-black with some all-black combat boots [for] games five, six and seven. I’m going to war, it ain’t just a game anymore.”

In addition to making his wardrobe an extension of himself, Green goes on to say that fashion helps him expand his own perspective and gain insight from his own wardrobe assistants. ”At the end of the day, you want someone trying different stuff as opposed to staying in your comfort zone. It expands your knowledge, it expands your field, it expands your taste. This is their job and they know every little detail, so you may get little details that take an outfit from here to here.”

Nike recognized Green’s fashion prowess, enlisting him to help with the roll out of the Special Field Air Force 1. What do you think of Draymond Green’s ideas on fashion? Watch the video and let us know.