Sacramento’s own The Gatlin has just released his promotional video for his next installment to the F.A.M.E. Series.

Let us take a step back real quick, The Gatlin, organically won the ears and hearts of Sacramento with his quick witted raw lyricisim years ago. The rapper isn’t new to the streets or your speakers. While the streets took to his rhythmic stories they also knew they had a star in their city. Sacramento has been backing the sound ever since.

F.A.M.E., the series, became a huge outlet for Gat, amongst being the most sought out rapper in our city. Linking with well known artists from out lying cities, Gat is back with an album that will bring back memories of why you bought his mixtapes in the first place.

F.A.M.E. 3 will be bringing the serious reality written tracks that you have been yearning for.