How badly do you want to be the first amongst your peers to own the highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch? If you have about $1,000 USD now, you can simply secure yours as a pre-order for when the system comes out in March of 2017. The process is simple, but it won’t be through the familiar retailers like Amazon, Best Buy or Gamestop. However, these particular shops already have the Nintendo Switch listed — you just can’t pre-order them.

But according to tech site I4U, you can actually head to Media Markt’s (Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailer) website now and place a legitimate pre-order for the console. There you’ll see images, pricing, and an “add to cart” option for when you’re ready to make the purchase. Buyer beware though, Media Markt’s current 998 Euro ($1,042 USD) price is just a place holder — the pricing will change once official Switch prices are announced. You will be charged the full $1,042 USD when you check out and only time will tell when or what portion of the money you just spent you’ll get back. Mind you, rumors for Switch pricing is said to range from $299 USD to $399 USD. The reason for the high price tag is to “protect against scalpers,” according to the site.

More importantly, only customers in Germany and Sweden can currently pre-order with buyers in Sweden only having to pay 4,990 Swedish Krona. That’s around $540 USD. For the rest of us who can wait, it’s already been determined that Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Walmart and ToysRUs are confirmed to sell the Nintendo Switch come launch time.  Mark your calendars on for January 12, 2017 because that is when official price and launch date will be announced. March 2017 is the expected timeframe for the release.

You can pre-order the Nintendo Switch now for 998 Euro at Media Markt.